Paint Contractors Toronto

Operating in the Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga and Oakville Areas.

We make sure that all of our painters and Painting contractors complete every job with maximum degree of professionalism. Our Painting contractors pursue all workplace health and safety regulations and leave the work - site spotless. Our teams of Painting contractors are skilled in completing tasks professionally and at the utmost standard to make sure your project is finished with your set time frame and financial resources.


At SPC Construction and Renovations, our painters always cover all furnishings, flooring's and plants with clean drop sheets. All hardware and fittings will be removed or properly protected ensuring these areas are kept free from dust and paint spots.

Surface preparation is of paramount importance and includes scraping back peeling areas, sanding smooth all perished, flaking and loose areas. Renewing loose or perished putties, filling holes and imperfections with appropriate fillers and abrading all surfaces to ensure adhesion.

All surfaces will then be brushed down to remove any dust. Existing paintwork will be washed down with sodium hypochlorite or sugar soap where necessary to remove any grease, oil and grime for your security.

We take the hassle out of painting by doing it for you so you can do the things that you like to do. So give us a call for a FREE ESTIMATE on any painting you would like done.